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The vultures are devouring Ukraine – YouTube

The vultures are devouring Ukraine


Even if more and more people every day are converting to the truth, the vast majority in the USA and in EU countries are still indoctrinated by the mass-media devoted to the “New World Order” to believe that Russia is the aggressive party to the conflict in Ukraine.
My YouTube channel and my blog is trying to show you the alternative (and more truthful) picture.

Fascists Creating Child Soldiers in Ukraine – YouTube

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Fascism on the rise in Ukraine. What is illegal in the EU is sponsored in Ukraine by the EU and the USA.

They are playing with fire. Nothing good have never in history come out from using extremists for political purposes.

While a certain amount of structured nationalism with a great measure of internationalism is good, pure Nazism is very bad.

Poland starts to become aware of that EU is fooled by the bankers behind the New World Order to run their errands instead of those of the Polish people.

The Ukrainian Army is killing us and our children! WHY??? – YouTube

Что делать? – ДЕЙСТВОВАТЬ! Только скоординированные усилия принесут результаты:


#SaveDonbassPeople You have probably seen this video before. If not, you should. In spite of its apparent rip-off on Larry Diamond’s and Ben Moses’ “I am a Ukrainian”, this video is, by all decent accounts, real.

Times Journalist Exposes the Western Media Lies Live on Ukrainian TV – YouTube

Live on Ukrainian TV a British Journalist from the Sunday Times exposes the lies told by the main stream media for the lies they really are.


#MarkFranchetti on prime time Ukrainian TV tells the true story about the “separatists” in SE Ukraine and makes Saakashvili look like he wants to chew his tie again.